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Primates, like lemurs, baboons, and monkeys, are our closest living relatives, making them a source of endless human fascination. See their adaptability and resilience in action through their daily quests for food and shelter.

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I watched Land of Primates - Season 1 with a pleasure. No finer tv show has ever been created in Documentary category, and it is now for free on Putlocker9 to watch. I have favorites but best tv show means for me having both a certain style, symbolizes the point of a tv show to tell a story via motion pictures of a being's existential turning point, it engrosses you in imagery and its overall effect is that either you leave changed, inspired, taught you something or left some impact on you. Land of Primates - Season 1 surely has excellent dialogue. Everytime I watch Land of Primates - Season 1 tv show online, I'm really enjoying the music, it is just pure soul of this tv show. The acting is incredible (especially the main role actor, I'm sure no one expected that). I would recommend this tv show to anyone, watch it and enjoy it.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2016-01-07
IMDb Rating: 0
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